Eskdale School


Monday, 22nd May 2017
9.30am to 2.30pm


National Young Leaders Day is an annual leadership event held in major cities around New Zealand. Since 2001, over 110,000 students have been empowered to become leaders. The day aims to develop student leadership and be both inspirational and practical. Today’s young people are the future leaders of our nation – equip them with the skills and values to lead well.



"E Kore au e ngaro he kakano i ruia mai I rangiaatea"

"I am a seed born of greatness"


On Monday 23rd May all the year 8’s went to NYLD in Rotorua. This whakatauki was the theme for 2017 NYLD (National Young Leaders Day).  NYLD was a great experience for not just me but all the yr 8’s. We listened to many speakers, did some games and even saw a performance by Nomad. What I took out of NYLD was "You won't change on the inside by changing something on the outside” and "People will accept you once you accept yourself” from Aaron Jackson  - Lee Musson


We listened to heaps of great speakers but my favourite speaker was Trina Tamati. She said that it is "ok to be different”. The most important piece of advice I got from her is "the secret of success is to never give up”. - Olivia A


My favourite speakers were Adam Gard’ner and Duane Major because they said, "do what you think is right”.  The most important message I got from them is that "a lot of people doing little things can make a big difference” - Skyla


Before the NYLD conference the year 8’s got to have some awesome experiences on the luge in Rotorua. We went up to the top of the hill in a gondola, then had 5 turns at going down the hill on luges. Later on, we all headed back to the camping ground for a Masterchef competition. It was lot’s of fun and we had to face and overcome lot’s of challenges. The most important message I got from NYLD was "never give up”. - Tyla