Eskdale School

PTA offers cheap and yummy lunches on a Wednesday each week.  These are ordered in advance and cost $4 each.  Meals are served out of the school hall each Wednesday.

We are no longer accepting cash payments for PTA lunches.


To pay for your school lunches online:

Particulars:  Surname

Code: T3

Reference: PTA Lunches

Our account number is 030698 0975167 00. 

HELP - We are always looking for people to help serve our school lunches, if you are able to help please let us know! School lunches will all be served on-site in the school hall kitchen.  

IDEAS - Do you have a great idea for a school lunch option?  We are keen to hear from you.

SICK/ ABSENT - You can 'gift' your lunch to another child if you call the office to let them know before 12:30pm.  Please do not order lunches on the days your child will be offsite on a trip or sporting event.

REMINDER - A courtesy reminder message or email will be sent if lunch orders are not paid by the second lunch of the round. If lunch orders are not paid for by the end of the round you will not be able to order for the next round.

FEEDBACK - Any offers of help, ideas or comments can be emailed to