Eskdale School

Growth Mindset

"A person with a growth mindset believes that they can cultivate and grow their talents, aptitudes, interests, temperaments, and intelligence through their efforts, application and learning experiences”  Dweck, 2006

At Eskdale School, we believe we need to foster and encourage a student’s growth mindset so that they reach their full (and at this stage unknown) potential.

Teachers do this by:

  • Modelling a growth mindset in their room

  • Believing in students and the fact that they can achieve with effort, hard work, skill and strategy acquisition

  • Focus on praising and giving feedback on hard work, effort and perseverance as opposed to the finished product

  • Use the word ‘yet’ when a student can’t complete a task as this clearly models the expectation that a child will get there

  • Celebrate a child getting stuck! As this means new learning is just around the corner